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Some Samples of My Writing

The Business of Beer (enterprise reporting)

Hop Vendors Swallow A Bitter Pill As They Confront An Oversaturated Market & Customers Who Can't Pay

Pumpkin Beer Sales Go Flat, With Leftovers Lingering On Shelves Through Winter

How The Rise Of Craft Beer Is Contributing To The Decline Of The Homebrewing Lifestyle

The Second Wave Sell-Off: Private Equity In The Craft Beer Market Spells Upheaval Within A Decade

Policy and Politics

Pushback Against Brewery Tasting Rooms Threatens The Growth Of Craft Beer

One Craft Distillery Opens Every Day. One Decision Can End The Boom.

NJ Brewer's Association Breaks Silence After Founding Members Secretly Form New Group


How Women Brewsters Saved the World

Johnnie Walker's Jane Edition Fights For Women's Equality, Not Against It

After Decades Of 'Beer Babe' Commercials, Liquor Ads Could Improve NFL's Gender Relations

Essays in Which I Make Myself Unpopular

Parents, Think Twice Before Bringing Your Babies To Breweries And Bars

Siblings Bond Through Various Writing Assignments

Japan's Sapporo Has Bought America's Original Craft Brewery And Yes, People, This Is A Good Thing

Drinking and Dining in Destinations

The 'World’s First Post-Apocalyptic Restaurant' Opens in Philadelphia

Chef Jennifer Rodriguez Is Revitalizing Colombian Cuisine by 'Making Growers the Protagonists'

7 Best Places to Drink Coffee in Bogotá, Colombia

The Best Places in Berlin to Break Germany's 500 Year-Old Beer Laws

Reaching New Markets

How One Community Could Help Solve Two Of Craft Beer's Biggest Problems

Environmental Issues in the Beverage Space

In Race Against Climate Change, Innovations To This Ingredient Could Determine The Future of Brewing