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I owe my career as a journalist, copywriter and producer to a kid’s book. Some people credit Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson or their grandmothers.  I have a wisp of children’s literature to thank.

The book featured a main character who aspired to become a reporter. Reading this as a nine-year-old, I first thought, “Hmm. A journalist? Cool.” Then, “I’d be good at that.” And finally, “I bet those journalists get a lot of free food.”

Admittedly, I do get gustatory fringe benefits as a freelance Philadelphia/New Jersey beer and travel writer – far more than during my ten years chasing fires as a TV news reporter. But this job has never been about the perks; it’s about speaking the truth. I’m fiercely passionate about the field of journalism and work hard to make sure that every project – no matter the subject -- is fair, accurate and informative.

Whether I’m writing an in-depth feature for a news magazine or web copy for a corporate client, managing a $100-a-plate beer-pairing dinner or leading a seminar on the history of female brewers, I consistently apply professionalism, a strong work ethic, and a fun sense of adventure. Please read through these pages to get inspired about ways we can partner to create an insightful article, an impactful corporate project or a memorable public speaking engagement that will have your readers/clients/members begging for a sequel.